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How to Achieve Brushed Aluminum Finish


My customer is looking for the brushed aluminum look (like stainless steel) for the flat screen monitor. Is that a finish on top of bare aluminum or a special brushed aluminum? Please advice.



Wayne Ha
precision sheetmetal



Typically, a brushed, or grained, finish is done prior to anodizing, with an apparatus similar to a belt sander(I'm sure its much more than that, but I'm not an expert on finishing machines). Just be sure and specify which direction you want the grain to go. There are probably companies in your area that offer this service. I've never seen sheet metal (aluminum) bought this way, but that may be available also. Just be sure and handle the parts carefully after graining, as a scratch going against the grain will show up after processing.

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


There are machines that do this finish on sheet material. Ask around and see if you can find someone in your area that has a TimeSaver machine. They do a wonderful job, they are very consistent and they aren't too unreasonable to pay to have done. Marc is right also, a belt sander with the proper belts will work (320 or 160 grit is what is normally used on industrial polishing/buffing machines to impart that finish type).

Its VERY delicate, cannot stress that enough. The parts should be handled with the utmost care prior to anodizing.

Matthew Stiltner
plating company - Toledo, Ohio

April 2, 2010

Please indicate polish type to protect a new anodized brushed aluminum bicycle frame with a factory clear coat.

Gordon Bowers
- Kansas City, Missouri

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