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Non HF Ti Etch?


Is there a chemical etch treatment available for titanium/titanium alloy sufficient for adhesive bonding that doesn't involve the use of HF?

Dave Williams
- Wrexham, UK


We recently looked into the same subject and couldn't find an acceptable alternative to Hydrofluoric acid. There are commercially available brush on treatments (pasa jell 107) that are OK for non-close tolerance parts to avoid large scale plant.

Ciaron Murphy
- Britain



Re your non HF etch for Ti, what about contacting a Ti supplier? They should have a corrosion chart.

There are chemicals that attack Ti, maybe not as fast as HF

What about Aluminum chloride 27 percent, even HCl, then there's Phosphoric and Sulphuric. Mind you, you have to hit a high enough concentration.

I guess that if you mixed some of these acids together you'd get a potent enough etch!

Cheers ! But that thar brew ain't fer drinkin' !

freeman newton portrait Freeman Newton
- White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
freeman newton died


Did you try ammonium bifluoride instead of HF?

Sara Michaeli
    chemical process supplier

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