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ED Coating on Plastic

October 9, 2012

Q. I'm Anand. I want to know whether ed coating is possible on plastic components?

Ramnik Anand
- Delhi, India


December 28, 2012

A. Yes it is; it's just a little less expensive than plating Chrome on ABS plastics; but the question puzzling me is why and for what?
There is no commercially viable application for this to the best of my knowledge.

khozema Khozema Vahanwala
Saify Ind
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

February 26, 2013

Q. Hi Sir,
I'm surprise and interest on how ED able to deposit on non conductive surface? Or I shall ask, how to make plastic conductive?

KC Tan
- Malaysia

April 3, 2013

Hi KC,

The most common way to make plastic conductive is to do plating on plastic (POP) by roughening plastic surface (sweller then etching then neutralizing) follow by catalyst seeding (e.g., Pd) on plastic surface followed by electroless plating (e.g. Cu, Ni) followed by electrolytic plating (e.g. Cu, Ni, Cr).


David Shiu
- Singapore

July 29, 2013

A. Getting the paint on the plastic surface is just one half of the solution. Please remember that the Ecoat film will have to be cured at 165 degrees C (minimum) for 15 minutes.

Gurvin Singh
Coatec India -

Mohali, Punjab, India

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