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Comparison between spray chrome and chrome plating

  Gold Touch  J G Nikolas  M and M Metallizing

December 31, 2009

Hi, I have found some info regarding spray chrome and it just shocked me when I realised how shine of the finishing, its looked exactly like conventional chrome plating.
As I know there are no any similar spray chrome services available at my country. I wonder is the spray chrome technic can totally replace conventional chrome plating, and is there any disadvantage compare with plating? How high temperature it can stay if I spray on a engine cover. Chrome plating always have problem in uneven plating especially at hidden area, causing durr finishing and most parts need to be polished, seems spray chrome would not have those trouble. Thanks to any one who can provide me more info on this spray chrome.

Samuel Yoong
plating shop owner - Selangor, West Malaysia
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