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CLR ruined my bathroom sink

December 1, 2009

I notice the problem of using CLR on copper and just wanted to say that I used CLR on my new bathroom sink while cleaning and it ruined the ring around the stopper by eating into the chrome finish around the stopper. I ran water in the sink but it still caused the solution to form around the ring and eat away the chrome finish around the stopper. How can I fix this problem without removing the ring around the stopper? It is sad when this product can destroy the metal in a sink and yet is completely safe for plastic as the stopper was unmarred. Because of this damage, I am afraid to use CLR on anything. I hate CLR! It is not consumer friendly! The warning is not to use it on metalic glazed surfaces but when almost all sinks and bathtubs have these metalic glazed surfaces in sinks around the stoppers, how can they recommend it as safe to use on cleaning any sinks or bathtubs! Who can I write to to complain about this potentially destructive product?

Signed, disappointed in CLR

Navona McMahan
home owner - Woodlake, California
December 3, 2009

There is no way to properly fix the chrome ring except to have it plated. You could have a new one installed cheaper than electroplated. If a product claims it will remove calcium, lime and rust you would think the mfg would know it is going to come in contact with chrome plated drain hardware, whether it be in sinks or tubs. Did you let the CLR sit for a extended time in the sink before rinsing away? Never the less, I would write the company and tell them their product ruined your sink. Take pictures to send along with the letter. They may send you a check for the damage if you persist enough. Good Luck.

Mark Baker
Fellow Plater - Syracuse, NY, USA

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