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Emissivity of coatings


Q. I'm trying to track down emissivity data for some finishes. My most urgent need is to find the emissivity for chromate finish aluminum MIL-C-5541 class 1A. Does anybody know it? Does anyone know a good reference for properties of other coatings ?

Peter Kostka
- Madison, Wisconsin, USA


A. Peter, Here is a procedure to determine the emissivity of any substrate... You will need an infrared temperature gun that has adjustable emissivity and a touch type temperature sensor.

Take a chromated piece and check the temperature with both the touch gage and the IR gage. Adjust the emissivity on the IR gage until the temperature reads the same as the touch gage.

When the same temperature is reached, make note of the emissivity. This procedure assumes that the touch gage is correct. Hope this helps. Kelly

Kelly Draper
- West Plains, Missouri

January 3, 2013

Q. Does anyone have an information on emissivity of E-coat?

zin dolgonosov
Zin Dolgonosov
- Fremont, California, USA

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