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What can I do with 9 lbs of old Silver Nitrate

March 13, 2008

While cleaning out a garage for a neighbor that has stomach cancer I ran across 9 lbs of Silver Nitrate from Kodak; the bottle a poison written on the side of the bottles. The woman is 88 years old and her family could use some money. Is there any value for this silver Nitrate or can it be changed back into silver? If not how do I dispose of it?

Brian Dragseth
need help - Orland, California, USA

First of three simultaneous responses -- March 14, 2008

Google silver recyclers and they will be glad to help you. Silver is up to almost $20.00/ tr oz. It certainly has value and can be reclaimed.

Kurt Sammons
- Inman, South Carolina

Second of three simultaneous responses -- March 14, 2008

It is 63.5% silver which is about $20.00 per troy OZ (13 oz per pound plus or minus). Silver recyclers (hit the internet)might pay you $10 per oz, but not much more. You will also need help with shipping as it may have to be shipped as a haz material, which is costly. You may find a jeweler that manufacturers their own material that would buy it. Contact Kodak, you never know what they will give for it.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

Third of three simultaneous responses -- March 14, 2008

How about listing it for auction on eBay? I would bid on it. Let us know via your original letter if you list it.

Eddy Oriol
- Wasilla, Alaska

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