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copper countertops for my kitchen


I fell in love with a copper countertop that was shown on one of the HGTV programs. I don't remember which one, anyways now interested in copper countertops for my kitchen. What and where do I look? Thanks, Daphne

Daphne Canale
- Tulsa, OK USA


Caracoal, a line of copper and metal tiles from Ann Sacks Tile & Stone Inc. [Portland, OR] will supposedly do countertops and custom work. I'd personally look at any local metalsmith in your area.

Sue Auerbach
Auerbach Architects - Lincolnwood, Illinois


I have a copper top bathroom counter. I love it, it's beautiful. But of course if anyone washes their hands, water drops get on the counter and create unattractive spots.

Is there a way that I could seal or coat this counter in such a way that it maintains its luster and beauty?

If so, what would I use, and how long does it last. In other words does it have to be reapplied every now and then. Then if so, how do you remove the old coating?

Thank you,

Ms Bennett
- Seattle, Washington

April 21, 2010

You can purchase plain copper sheets at most sheet metal shops. There are also several online retailers that sell copper sheets for countertops. If you want something unique and with more color, you can go with Patina copper sheets. Just make sure to spray several coats of lacquer to protect the surface.

Don Angelo

Spring Hill, Tennessee

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