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How to remove burr from aluminium


Hello, I am looking for a help how to remove burr from aluminium die casting arm (computer part). Could any one give me some advice what media and method should be used?

- Malaysia


there are several ways to remove burrs from aluminum part,however the best methods for casting or machining parts is to use a deburring rotated drum with abrasive media (mostly use composite or other plastic intermediate material mixed with water).

Another way is to use a deburring machine using scotch bidirectional. Anyway, both methods are commonly used in aerospace plants. good luck....

eli yudkevich
- Israel


Deburring small or delicate parts such as you seem to describe are usually now performed in compact centrifugal finishing systems. These types of systems usually employ media that is quite small and can access the finer features of smaller parts such as yours.

Additionally, dry process media with micro-fine abrasive materials can be utilized to develop surface finishes that rival that on jewelry parts, if functional requirements should call for it.

David A. Davidson
- Bartlett, New Hampshire


Previous comments are all good. However, what is your volume of production, what surface finish is required, and is cost a factor. What equipment do you have in house, or do you need equipment? Need more information to properly direct you

AF Kenton
Nova Finishing Sytems Inc. - Hatboro, Pennsylvania

August 27, 2008

I recommend the thermal deburring method.
It's a high investment and built for high quantity.

Joern Struckmann
- Luhden, Germany

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