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most fun in metal finishing

Samples of stainless steel finishes


I'm involved in product design and material selection. I would like to get samples of the various stainless steel finishes. How can I obtain them? Thank You

Sam Kessler
- Chicago,IL USA


One idea that comes immediately to mind that may be somewhat helpful, is that many profilometers come with kits for calibration that have metal swatches of various Ra finishes.

If the product you are designing lends itself to mechanical or mass finishing (smaller parts or components) once prototypes are available it might be possible to have some of the items sample processed by a process lab connected with a mechanical finishing OEM or abrasives or finishing media supplier.

Quite refined surfaces ( ie. reflective low micro-inch Ra value) can be achieved if a sequence of correctly chosen successively finer abrasive materials are utilized.

Dave Davidson
equipment supplier - Bartlett, New Hampshire


Sam: A good source of information on Stainless Steel finishes can be obtained from Specialty Steel Industry Of The United States, located in Washington, DC, phone 202-342-8630.

Ask for their Designer Handbook "Finishes For Stainless Steel". Good Luck.

Bill Boatright
chemical process supplier - Raleigh, North Carolina



I am looking for a handbook about inorganic finish, thermal treatments or plating, because I am working with many material about zinc electroplate, bright nickel electroplate, chromium over bright nickel electroplate, and many others so I need a book (handbook) where I can look for standards, unique cosmetic, mechanical, corrosion resistance requirements about these finish, plating or thermal treatments, please if you know about a book with these themes let me know.


Gabriel Cobian
medical systems - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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