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Satin finish on white gold - is a deeper matte finish more durable?



Hi there,

I have an 18k white gold engagement ring (palladium alloy), which is rhodium plated. It has a wide band and has a light/shallow satin finish applied to it.

I have been wearing the ring for less than a week and it now has some scratches in the satin finish. I don't think the scratches are through the rhodium, just removing the satin finish to leave a 'glossy' or 'shiny' mark. The jeweller is happy to 're-finish' the ring every few months to maintain the satin/matte look and re-plate the rhodium as necessary at no cost for the life of the ring.

I am certainly not under the misapprehension that the ring will look perfect all the time - I understand scratches and marks will occur. My question is rather related to what kind of finish is most durable (I don't want to go high-gloss). The texturing on my ring is quite shallow. Is a deeper or coarser satin finish going to resist scratching more? Would a thicker rhodium plate be more scratch-resistant, or has that no effect?

If anyone has any suggestions in regards to increasing the durability while maintaining the satin look, I would greatly appreciate the independent advice (whether it be a different metal to have the ring re-made in, finish or other). I would like to be able to approach my jeweller if necessary and ask for a specific procedure (they are also happy to remake the ring if I want).

Thank you in advance for your help.


Marie Johnston
Hobbyist - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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