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How to run MEK Rub test on painted Alum parts?



We produce powder painted Alum parts and MEK Rub test is requested. No idea on how to do the test, so any pictures of the testing procedure would be a great help.Thanks.

Lydia Liang
Office furniture supplier - Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Hi Lydia,

Usually this test is known as Polymerisation test. MEK is the organic solvent and the test method as described below:
a) Saturate a swab of cotton wool with MEK solvent.
b) Within 30 seconds, rub it lightly back and forth 30 times I each direction over the surface to be tested.
c) After 30 seconds make the assessment. And the ratings will be.......
1. The coating is very very dull and quite soft.
2. The coating is very dull and can be scratched with finger nail.
3. Slight loss of gloss (less than 5 units).
4. No significant change and cannot be scratched with finger nail.
Interpretation of above results;
Ratings 3 & 4 are satisfactory.
Ratings 1 & 2 are non-satisfactory.
Note; Prescribed solvent for powder coatings could be Xylene or other as specified by the paint manufacturers or end users.
Prior implementation make some trials to standardise the tests.
Good luck.

Srimay Basu
Dubal - DUBAI, U.A.E.

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