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Coating aluminum with titanium/titanium oxide


I would like to plate sheet aluminum with a light layer of titanium/titanium oxide. I have begun to look at vacuum deposition but I was wondering if the same can be done with electroforming. Is there anyone who has done this before? Any better way?

Jeff Horne
product designer - Murray, Utah


You are right to look at vacuum deposition, Jeff. Titanium is too active to be deposited by electroplating.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


The simple answer is paint it.
Practically all white paint uses titanium dioxide as the pigment.

Geoff Smith
Hampshire, England


Dear Jeff,

Try using tungsten wire inside a Vacuum bell. With the Tungsten wire as a kind of emitter, wrap a piece of very thin titanium. With the Aluminum Sheet as you receiver, position it in line of sight from the Emitter.

Apply about 5 to 10 amperes to the tungsten wire (pls do some experimenting), that will rapidly change the state of Titanium target from solid to liquid then vapor/gas.

Vapor(titanium) will transfer from tungsten wire to the Aluminum sheet.

It would be nice if you succeed & post the result on

Thank you

Joseph Franco
- Cavite, Philippines


You can use flame spraying or plasma spraying but both should be carried out at extra high purity argon gas or vacuum atmosphere.

I don't know but maybe you can check PVD or cvd processes.

Jason Talasci
- Karlsruhe, Germany

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