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Powder coat second coat


Is there any means of applying a second coat of powder over an already cured coat of the same color? Also, what is the basic process for applying a clear coat?

Dan Laverty
metal fabricator and finisher - Medford, Maine


It's my experience that you can do ONE overcoat on top of another, provided the first coat is sound.

If you know that you are going to apply two coats, then only partially cure the first coat (it will look glossy), then fully cure with the overcoat. This gives better intercoat adhesion.

If you unexpectedly have to overcoat, then a light sanding of the first coat to get some "key" for adhesion.

Clear topcoats can be done this way.

Geoff Crowley Geoff Crowley
galvanizing &
   powder coating shop
Glasgow, Scotland


Please also ensure that the guns are set to apply re-coats or reduce the kV manually.

Kaleem Muhammad
- Ontario, Canada

December 2, 2009

when you say partially cured, do you mean to apply the second coat while the first coat it still hot? or can it be done when it is cooled?

james green
- las vegas, nevada

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