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Need easy, real gold product to replate worn antique jewelry-home use


Aloha, Can anyone tell me where to get a home use size, real gold re-plating kit/solutions? Want to re-plate some of my antique gold plated jewelry. I can no longer find the dip or immersion plating product I bought in the past. It worked real well for my needs. It was a clear solution in a plastic jar with a plastic basket inside. You put your jewelry items in it and dipped or shook it in the solution. It worked on all base metals and sterling silver as well. If anyone knows where to purchase this type of product I would appreciate the information. I have been looking for it for 3 years now. The solution must plate with some amount of real gold vs using a gold finishing solution product that does not contain real gold. I mistakenly bought such a product recently. Also if anyone can recommend a gold plating product that uses a disposable plating pen system that is in a quantity small enough for home personal use, I would appreciate this very much.
Aloha nui, nui, MaryAnn

MaryAnn Cahill
Hobbyist-personal jewelry repair use - Kailua, Hi, USA

March 24, 2008

There is an immersion gold process available to consumers called "Medallion Gold". Our supporting advertiser "Gold Touch" can offer you small hobby-plating systems, but be aware that the electroplating business is very jobshop oriented, so you should be able to easily connect with shops that can do this work for you with experienced people in proper industrial settings if you prefer. Good luck either way.

As of the date I posted this, it was available on e-bay. Good luck. If it's still available as you read this, click where you see it in the picture at right =>

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Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Medallion Liquid Gold Plating Kit

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