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Components of electroless tin plating on piston


One of my endusers is electroless tin plating on piston for 2/4 wheel vehicle. My enduser just gave me as follows: 1. Dosage of Sodium Stannate 80 g/liter, dip the pistons in the bath for 60 - 70 seconds, temperature of the bath is 80. My user want us to instruct how to use our Sodium Stannate including the components of the bath. Since my company is tin salts manufacturer, we have little knowledge of plating in details. Please help me on this subject.

Takao Matsui
Tin Salts Manufacturer - Osaka, Japan


In my opinion, the honest attitude is the most helpful to your customer. Tell him what you have told us, that you are not platers. He must find a professional plater for good quality and trouble-free service. Of course, you can sell the plater your tin salts.

Guillermo Marrufo
Monterrey, NL, Mexico


Using sodium stannate for Plating on to Aluminium Pistons is called Immersion Tin coating and not electroless plating.
you have to use 5% of Tin salt in water at a temperature of 80 to 85 °C. Just immerse the pistons, you will find a coating of Tin in 2 minutes.Then rinse and dry.
But the free caustic content in the bath should never exceed 5.0 gram/litre. For this the Sodium stannate should contain less amount of sodium Hydroxide for good control over the bath solution. Or else Blisters will appear on plating due high caustic content.
Thank you,

- Bengalooru, Karnataka, India

January 14, 2012

My experience is limited to nickel plating for clad steels but I do know Cadillac used this process starting in the 50's. You can find very detailed information by searching Cadillac restoration/pistons.

Chris Lehenky
- Coatesville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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