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Chemical composition of zinc kettle

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Dear sir,
Please let me now the chemical composition of steel used in zinc kettle and also let me know if this composition varies for different size of zinc tank.
Since I am working for a galvanizing Company and we are starting a new plant for which I need the following detail.

Tanveer Ahmed
Plant In Charge - United Arab of Emirtaes


Dear Sir:
About 35 years ago kettle makers used "max ten" which means that the kettle "steel" was nearly pure iron with the combined alloying agents adding up to less than 0.10%. Armco made "steel" (iron) of this type. Today I do not think this type steel is available. Another term that I have heard is "boiler plate steel."
Today there are two kettle makers that likely make most of the galvanizing kettles. One is in the USA and the other is in Germany. These kettles now usually have 2 inch thick walls (years ago they were 1 inch thick). The weld rod and welding methods are quite specialized. I recommend that you purchase rather than make a kettle. With a proper kettle and proper furnace, the kettle can last 10 or more years. A poor kettle and poor furnace can give a kettle life of only a few months.
In the journal Metal Finishing you can get my article on kettle furnace design though interlibrary loan (xerox copy) from most large libraries. This article details the most efficient system which is end-firing with high velocity burners. Galvanizing kettles and galvanizing kettle furnaces are NOT do-it-yourself projects.

Dr. Thomas H. Cook
- Hot Springs, South Dakota


The most critical element in the steel for kettles is Silicon.
This needs to be at or close to zero.
Silcon is used extensively in steelmaking to de-oxidize the steel while molten and in casting processes. (The slabs cast in concast plants are later rolled to plate.)

Alternative de-oxidants are available for this special grade of plate.
S and P are also important.

Geoff Crowley Geoff Crowley
galvanizing &
   powder coating shop
Glasgow, Scotland

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