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Silver nitrate solution for ornaments



Can anyone tell me how to make a solution of silver nitrate for glass ornaments? I am glassblowing ornaments and want to use the silver nitrate solution for the inside.


Doris Annette Jimison
Christmas Ornaments - Las Vegas, Nevada


Try website-there you can find some useful infos on that subject(some old techno-chemical recipe books/download free).Hope it helps and good luck!

Goran Budija
- Zagreb, Croatia


Silver nitrate is a clear colourless solution.

I suspect that you actually want to silver plate the inside of the balls. Goran has suggested where to look BUT
Be aware that formulations involving ammonia - as most do - involve a significant risk of producing explosive silver salts. If you must do this, follow the instructions with great care and be prepared for things to go wrong. An explosion inside a glass ball would be very nasty (you need eye protection as a minimum), and do you know how to safely dispose of any chemicals left over?
Most people handling silver nitrate also suffer from black stains on the skin. This is silver metal - like a photographic print - and will not wash off.

Geoff Smith
Hampshire, England

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