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Aging aluminum for a vintage look


Hi. I'm a landscape designer by trade and I'm faced with a situation which requires me to age aluminum to match an old naturally weathered finish on a vintage aluminum cast lamp. I've located three similar lamps , but they have been painted over the years- I plan to strip the paint off using either boiling water or conventional paint strippers, having done plenty of old hardware before. How do I accelerate the aging process ? The vintage fixture has a dark grey finish which is almost bronze -like. There is clearly no paint or anything on it at all. What is my best method for achieving this look- note this isn't a coastal environment- it's residential Portland. Any help or opinions would be welcomed.

John Nausieda
- Portland , Oregon,USA

March 30, 2008

Alkali substances will discolor aluminum to an ashy grey color. Oven cleaner containing Sodium Hydroxide will work the fastest of any commercially available product. Try it on a spare piece to see if it will give the affect you are looking for. -Mike

Michael Johnson
Forestry - Burlington, Vermont, USA

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