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Teflon coat


I am looking for Teflon coating supplier in Singapore.

We are a job shop catering to semi-conductor and electronic factories in the Philippines. We make clamps for wire bonding machine and we need to coat the underside of the clamp (material: M300, D2 tool steel) with teflon. Is there a kit for coating teflon on steel that we can use and do ourselves? If there is none, is there a shop that can do this say in Singapore, because I've asked around and no one seems to do teflon coating in Manila. The quantity is small, about 10 to 20 pieces and the size of the clamp is about 2" x 5" x 1/4" thick. Regards,

Edwin Lumague
job shop - Manila, Philippines


To make a Teflon coating you'll need:
- sand-blasting equipment (cabinet or room)
- one liquid and one powder gun
- one spray booth
- one owen able to reach 400ºC (metal parts temp.)
- raw material (teflon dispersion and or teflon powder)

It's not very difficult to do it, but you'll need some one to teach you.

Jordi Pujol
- Barcelona, SPAIN

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