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Nickel plating cost calculation


I want to know, the formula to calculate cost of nickel plating of thickness 25 microns per sq.inch......thanx.

Sanjay Bahl
sheet metal production; powder coating ; electroplating - Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India



I do not think it is that difficult. First get Material cost. This you can get by Area X Thickness X density of Nickel X cost per unit weight of Nickel. ( Ni plating will have high efficiency ) Then add cost of electricity which you can know by volt and Amp and time to plate. Add machine hour rate of Nickel bath which can be calculated including Nickel anodes, chemical, operator's cost. If you wish you can add cost of consumables like water and emery or sandpaper you may use. Did you add cost of fuel or heating the liquid? If you now add administrative cost, depreciation and profit you desire, you should not be too far from exact answer. Good luck.

Electroforming - Ahmedabad

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