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Teflon coating of molds


Hello Everyone,

My name is Scott Howard and I work in process improvement at a mold company. We used to make patterns, then cast aluminum and do some partial machining. Now we cut our cavities out of aluminum billet. Our aluminum tooling is used for molding polypropylene, and other various yet similar types of foam.

Our situation is, we have about 90% of our cavities Teflon coated. A nearby competitor has purchased the equipment and now do their own Teflon coating. We still transport ours 4hours one way. Even though there is a business that can do it a quarter mile away. I am sure you are wondering why. The place 4 hours away, guarantees us a 24 hour turn around time, with short notice. The place next door will not do that.

I have been in the mold business for the past 9 years. So my question is, how or what do I want to research? To find out if bringing in equipment (to Teflon) is feasible for us. Like I said our competitor has done it, and they even take just that just require Teflon and powder coating. We are interested in having this capability just to have more control over our lead times.


Scott Howard
- Milledgeville, Illinois, USA


To make a Teflon coating you'll need:
- sand-blasting equipment (cabinet or room)
- one liquid and one powder gun
- one spray booth
- one owen able to reach 400ºC (metal parts temp.)
- raw material (teflon dispersion and or teflon powder)

It's not very difficult to do it, but you'll need some one to teach you....
Barcelona - SPAIN

Jordi Pujol
- Barcelona, Spain

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