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Removing the melted plastic fan from the cast iron wood burning stove


I started up the wood burning stove and accidentally left an electric fan on top of it. After returning two hours later, part of the fan had melted onto the stove. I scraped the majority of the melted plastic off, but cannot get the rest removed. When the stove was hot, the plastic emitted an odor. Any suggestions on how to remove the rest of the plastic?

Connie A Cronin
consumer - Clearwater, Nebraska, USA


I accidentally melted a stack of plastic cassette boxes on the top of my wood burning stove. I used elbow grease, an old toothbrush and PVC pipe cleaner. It can be found in the plumbing supplies at a hardware store. All the plastic residue came off, but it took several applications. After each application, I wiped the surface with a clean rag to pull off the sticky plastic.

Abbie Meyer
- Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

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