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What and how to start setting up aluminum anodizing for industries



I am currently working on a research project for a company to design a setup for the boric sulfuric acid aluminium anodizing. Doing this in a research lab is not a problem, however when scaling up to a industrial production line may be a totally different story. I am just wondering where and how should I start ? Can anyone point me to a right direction ? I know this would involve different areas like environmental, regulations, etc, What I really need is the actual anodizing process. Thanks.

John Hui
U. of Toronto - Toronto


Hello, John. Assuming this is an educational project for school, what I think you need most is a visit to a commercial anodizing shop so that you can see what is involved overall.

Although you may have trouble locating an applicable shop, getting past the telephone receptionists, and finding a friendly ear, it is imperative to our industry that we assist with outreach like this. So if any anodizing shop in the Toronto area would entertain such a visit, please contact me at, because is starting such an outreach program, with hopes of turning it over to AESF for expansion.

If this is an actual installation rather than a school project, the company you are working for should retain an experienced consultant to assist. The very early decisions are by far the most important and, with no disrespect but only encouragement, this kind of enterprise cannot be handled as a learning experience; no amount of remote and impersonal guidance can prepare you for all of the critical issues that need addressing.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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