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AMSQQC320 Type I vs Type II


Please describe the difference between AMSQQC320 Type I vs Type II. The application is for the piston rod of a hydraulic actuator.

Debra Sexton-Mohn
cargo conversions - Simi Valley, California, USA


As you posted the question over a half year ago, I hope/expect that you've found an answer from another venue.

AMSQQC320 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet] can be called out with two modifiers. Class and Type. Class 1 is decorative and/or corrosion protective. It has a thickness of .00001". Class 2 is an engineering plating and needs to have thickness and hardness called out. Type I is bright finish and Type II is satin.

John Kulas
- Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. of A.

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