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Uncleanable Aluminum Rims



I have a set of machine finished aluminum rims on my truck. I have stupidly not cleaned the front rims like I should have. Now I have brake dust that I can't get to come off for life of me. I have tried using multiple kinds of rim cleaner but nothing is working. Any suggestions.

Help me please,

Ryan Giurgevich
hobbyist - Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA


Hi Ryan,
I had the same problem with the front rims on my Monte Carlo SS a few years ago. There is a product called Magic Mix that does wonders removing baked-on brake dust. It is a two part process. The first is a heavy duty cleaner and the second part is a protectorant/sealer. I found it at a local speed shop. With gas prices being what they are, I would try calling speed shops first to see if they stock it. Good Luck!

Mark Baker
process engineer - Malone, New York

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