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How to remove ink stains from a brushed stainless steel refrigerator?



My daughter found a ball point pen and decided to go scribbling all over the house, including scribbling on my brushed stainless steel fridge. I've tried to remove the ink marks with the stainless steel cleaner but that didn't work. I also tried using a mild detergent but that has failed as well. I've read on several websites that you can use rubbing alcohol but my concern is will it dull the finish? If so, does anyone know of anything that will remove these ink stains.

Lisa Arnold
- Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


Make a paste using a mixture of baking sodaamazoninfo and water. Paste should not be runny. So, adjust ingredients accordingly. Apply to a washcloth and gently rub off stains using back and forth motions. It is okay to increase rubbing pressure on stubborn areas. Last, wipe off residue with clean damp cloth, rinsing cloth often. Works great for me.

Eddy Oriol
- Wasilla, Alaska, USA

++++++ WD-40amazoninfo will remove ball point ink from stainless steel. Just spray a little on a cloth and rub the ink off.

David Connor
- London, England


Thanks for the tips London and Arkansas.

Lisa Estave
- Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


Need a solution to remove gel ink from the inside of my dryer (assuming it's stainless steel). Tried WD-40, mineral spiritsamazoninfo & baking soda with no results. Any other solutions would be helpful.
(The entire inside of the dryer is splattered with black ink).

Inez Glapion
- New Orleans, Louisiana


I want to remove water stains from the refrigerator door. Can you give me any advice for this? I was away and our electric power went out this summer and the ice maker melted it's ice in the freezer and it leaked out onto the front of my new kitchenaid refrigerator door. Now I have steaks running down the door. I hope you can solve my problem by advising me how to remove these stains. Thank you

Joyce Heldt
- Park Ridge, Illinois Cook

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