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Solder removal from gold coins


Can solder be removed from 150 year old gold US coins to return them to original condition?

Donald Cleveland
Hobbyist - Reno, Nevada, USA


I have 2 gold coins that my grandfather soldered cuff links onto. Any idea how to get the links and solder off the gold coins?

Beau Ellingson
student - Prescott Valley, Arizona

First of two simultaneous responses -- ++++++

I removed my gold coins from a clasp by holding a soldering gun to the clasp until the solder melted. Although some solder remained on the coins, the gold was not discolored or damaged. Still waiting for answers on removing the solder.

Donald Cleveland
- Reno, Nevada, USA

Second of two simultaneous responses -- ++++++

I would soak them in hydrochloric acid [muriatic acidamazoninfo], heated to work faster. The acid will not touch the gold but will dissolve the lead and tin. You may have to soak it, rub it with a soft cloth after rinsing off with lots of water, and put it in acid again. repeat until all the solder is gone.

Frank Zahn

Franklin T. Zahn
- Centennial, Colorado, USA

Ed. note: Thanks, Frank. Readers should note that hydrochloric acid is a hazardous material. I don't think it dissolves lead, but assuming the tin content of the solder is high enough, it probably works. -- Ted


You can use next solution:
acetic acid(conc.)...........24%
hydrogen peroxide(30%).....4%
0,2-0,3 mm/per hour
Good luck!

Goran Budija
- Zagreb, Croatia

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