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Antique baby carriage restoration Q&A's


Q. Hi;
I am restoring an old baby carriage for my soon-to-come first grand-daughter, the same one we used 30 years ago for her mother. The chassis (bottom part of carriage with the wheels on it, for lack of a better term) is chrome-plated steel and has rust spots throughout. How can I restore this?


George Cruz
hobbyist - Yorba Linda, California


A. The nickel-chrome plating is rusting because after all these years it is now porous, George. The correct restoration is to send it to a plating shop for replating. But if you can't afford that, you can clean it up with chrome polish; then, keeping it well waxed and dry will deter rusting a bit. Good luck.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


RFQ: Sir:
I have an old carriage (45 years old) and want to find a company who could restore it. The fabric (canvas) on the hood needs to be replaced as well as some of the leather straps. Any help would be wonderful.

Thom Milano
- Brooklyn, New York


RFQ: I am refurbishing a baby carriage that has been in the family for 4 generations and need 4 hub caps. The wheel hubs are stamped with the name "Ariel" The caps are 1 1/4 with a tapered thread 20 per inch. I have 2 on hand but they are in poor shape. Any assistance would be appreciated

Jon Flood
- Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


A. Hi, Jon.

I think there is very little chance of finding them, although you could check Ebay because I often see wheels there =>

But I'm confident that a local machine shop can make them, preferably out of stainless steel.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

June 29, 2008

Q. Hi I recently bought a baby stroller. I was wanting to know where I could find more info on it. Its a pull type (has like a wagon handle) two 11 inch wheels with two small wheels in the back to kept it from tipping over backwards (like wheelie bars on a drag car). It looks like it has a removable shade (which I think I am missing some pieces) that stores under the seat when not in use. The seat folds back when baby is sleeping and it folds forward and handle folds back when not in use. Also has wicker sides. I found it in s.e. Iowa don't know if that will help any. Thanks, Mike.

Mike Emick
hobbyist - lamar Colorado

August 7, 2008

Q. A friend of mine has a 1930's chrome Chevrolet baby buggy and wants to know how much its worth how do we find that out ?

kattie leonna
- las vegas, Nevada

August 9, 2008

Antiques Road Show wouldn't be a big hit if such questions were easily answered, Kattie :-)

Start with a good antique shop. Or, to approach it on the cheap, track e-bay auctions of antique baby buggies. Or see if any help is available at, and see if your library has a copy of "Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide" [link is to info about the book at Amazon]. Good luck!

This is a metal finishing site, and that's our primary interest in these baby carriages. So, sorry, but this site doesn't offer or print appraisals.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Kovel's Antiques
and Collectibles

July 7, 2009

Q. I am restoring a Perego Baby Carriage...Luxury model and need to whiten the wheels, and the inside (which is white vinyl but has stains). It is chocolate brown with a white stripe on both sides that also need to be whitened. Is there anything I can use to fix this problem? All of the chrome around the wheels is in excellent shape and so is the body. I can't find anything that works...thanks so much.

Posey Thomson
- Santa Cruz, California

July 7, 2009

A. Hi, Posey. Back in the days of that carriage, carbon tetrachloride (Carbona) was the one thing that would work instantly and perfectly on white vinyl. It is toxic and has been banned from consumer products for a long time, so I doubt that you will find it. You might very cautiously try a white wall tire cleaner like Bleche-Witeamazoninfo on the upholstery since you'll want it for the tires anyway.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

August 11, 2009

RFQ: I've been cleaning up a carriage that my in-laws gave us to use as a bassinet and buggy. The carriage is missing a chrome handle that is "S" shaped and attached to the upper end of the buggy.I think the carriage was manufactured in the 1960's, it's blue with a little window for the kid to look out of when they get big enough. You can also adjust the angle at which you prop the "passenger." Are there restorers or people who have these parts on hand? I'd buy another carriage just for the part but I don't know where to look aside from craigslist and ebay.

Kevin Padden
hobbyist - Boise, Idaho
outdated RFQ

March 25, 2010

RFQ: Hi. I bought an antique baby buggy at an estate sale that is missing a wheel. Where do I find a replacement? Thanks! Trish

Trish Spatz
hobbyist - Richardson, Texas
outdated RFQ

March 2010

A. Hi, Trish. It's hard to find antique baby buggy wheels and rugger bubby bumpers.

I would try eBay, Black Market Antiques, and possibly Speedway Motors in Nebraska. has some threads on the subject, including offers by shops to repair old carriages. But it may be more practical to see if a local machine shop can make something for you. Good luck.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

October 26, 2010

Q. I recently purchased a very old wicker baby buggy/carriage which is set on a steel frame and wooden spoke wheels. The rubber is gone from 3 of the 4 wheels as well as the metal frame appears to have been painted black, or over age has turned so. The metal is very rusted or corroded as well. Questions, 1. where to find replacement rubber for the wheels, and 2. how to go about cleaning or sanding down the metal to clean it up to repaint it. Also the caps in the middle of the wheels are about inch and a half in diameter and are silver and have the initials 'HW' ornately embossed on all 4 wheels. There appears to be some surface rust on these caps, can that be removed? Any information as to what that could mean or where this carriage originated? Thanks for your time.

Amy Rademacher
hobbyist - Loup City, Nebraska USA

March 9, 2011

Q. Many of the old wicker baby carriages, such as those made by Hedstrom Union have metal wheels that are wrapped with solid rubber. Often the wheels are in good condition or can be restored, but the rubber is usually badly cracked.

How can the rubber be replaced?

Carl Hopkins
hobbyist - Santa Barbara, California USA

April 4, 2011

RFQ: I have a baby carriage similar to those I read about on this site. It's 40 years old. I need to find hood material and edging, inside material, which is of a quilted plastic sort, and a handle bar for it. I have the metal that holds the handle bar, but the plastic bar itself is broken in half. It is still intact because of the metal that goes through it. I understand I can take the chrome parts to a machine shop and have that restored.

The carriage needs to be painted unless I can shine it up with a high sheen cleaner or a polisher. I know a paint used on cars may work if I have to go that route, but it would have to be done professionally. I can find no company in the USA that restores carriages such as these.

I don't need wheels, but the wheels and spokes need to be cleaned up. The wood that holds the carriage mattress is warped and smells of mold. It looks to be some kind of man made brown board, very smooth and about a half inch in thickness.

Any help given would be highly appreciated.

Melissa Lawler
mom who wants to restore carriage for pregnant daughter - Ball Ground, GA USA

February 2, 2012

RFQ: Hi! I purchased an antique Shirley Temple pram and am trying to figure out how to replace or make a new fabric for the hood/ sunshade. Any tips? I would appreciate it.

Kat DiMira
- Bandera, Texas

March 28, 2012

RFQ: I have an old baby carriage that was my husband's from 1969. I want to restore for our baby. Where do I go? I live in NJ bergen county. thank you

Marianna P
- Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA
outdated RFQ

April 28, 2012

Q. I have a baby carriage like the one used in Gone with the wind, Bonnie Bell was sitting on the seat with Clark Gable pushing her. The horse is in good condition but I need new rubber on all 4 wheels, I want to restore the carriage and sell it. The baby would lay in the wicker bottom as the child got older, they could sit on the seat and hold the reins to the horse. The horse is covered with horse hide and still has the original bridal and reins. Please help, I need to get this in shape to sell.

Kaye R
- Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
outdated RFQ

July 20, 2012

RFQ: I have found a 1950's antique baby stroller that is need of restoring. Having trouble finding a restorer in Washington State. Does anyone know of someone in Washington that does restoring on such items?

Denise Denney
- Port Orchard, Washington, USA

Ed. note -- Gentle readers: if you have a company name for parts or restoration services, it is welcome. But no testimonials please! Testimonials quickly lead to a race to the bottom, with shills posting with fictitious names and offering glorious praise of their own company :-)

September 12, 2012

Q. Hi, I have a beautiful wicker and iron stroller. There is a L-shaped round iron rod with the parasol on one end. However, there is no evidence on the stroller how to attach the rod behind it so the parasol balances over the stroller. It looks like I need a cast iron piece that fits somehow to the back of the stroller where the end of the iron rod rests but I don't know. Any suggestions?


Sheryl Hartman
- Springville, Indiana, USA

June 12, 2013

Q. Hey There,
I have a 1984 Perego Baby Carriage, and would like to know where I can find a new cushion. It's the type, that has two parts to it (attached) the seat area and the back. Do you have any suggestions?

Laura Kearins
Caregiver - Bronx, New York, USA

July 9, 2013

RFQ: I have 4 metal wheels to a wicker bassinet that need rubber around them. Can you suggest where I can have this done? It seems I can't find anyone in my area that does this.

Frank Randi
- Woodhaven, New York
outdated RFQ

August 29, 2013

Q. Hello. I restored my daughter'1975 Headstrom stroller. I'd like to pit new solid white replacement rubber on it. Anyone know where I might get some?

Bob Pike
- Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

October 28, 2013

Q. We just got a 1850 Baby Stroller that we need to repair. I need to find a place to get snaps,Fabric and etc. The top is in bad shape. Can someone give me some places and names I can find the hardware and fabric. Thank you

Steven Bard
- Methuen, Massachusetts

June 19, 2014

Q. I have a 1968 white, vinyl Perego pram. It remained perfection for many years. 2 years ago, when we moved, someone put it in the basement, and now the metal is rusted and interior vinyl is imbedded with black mold spots.
A quick wash did nothing to remove the stains, but my goal was to remove the dirt.
Please! How can i remove these awful and unsanitary looking stains that appear to have penetrated the vinyl?
Even if i were to make it totally safe, my daughter would never allow her baby to use something that looked contaminated.
The metal, too, is quite rusted and pitted, but I know that with lots of effort, I can make the metal presentable.
On a lost site, someone recommended a marine cleaner found at Walmart.
I've been to 3 Walmart stores near the ocean, and nothing!
Thanks hp

helen preby
- boston, Massachusetts usa

June 20, 2014

A. Bleach (5% Sodium Hypochlorite) works. Walmart has it.

tom_rochester Tom Rochester
Plating Systems & Technologies, Inc.  

Jackson, Michigan, USA

July 6, 2014

Q. I have an old Perego stroller, pram. My father in law bought from a man in his late 80's whose parents bought when he was a baby. We used it for my two kids,now in their mid 30's. Everything is there. Are there any marks or serial numbers I can use on it to further the research? Thanks, Mark

mark lammer
- santa Barbara, California

August 7, 2014

RFQ: I have a dark brown metal push doll buggy that I got as a gift from an elderly neighbor in 1958, that I played with throughout my childhood. It came with bedding and 2 black clay dolls with movable extremities. The hood is able to be pushed down accordion style with movable metal frame which is detachable. The leather that covers the metal supports has ripped in multiple places. Otherwise the buggy is in good condition. Would a furniture reupholstery who works with leather be able to replace and sew a leather covering for the hood frame? Thanks in advance.

- CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina

August 10, 2014

RFQ: I have a Perego pram imported from Italy in 1985 by my mom for my daughter. excellent shape for the ago. Wheels are dirty, a cleaner will take care of that. Chrome will clean up easily. It was preserved phenomenally, no rust.
I want to purchase a new, nicer, comfortable mattress and fitted sheets.

Any advice is appreciated, Our first grandson!! Thank you :)

Beverly Nettleton
- chesapeake Virginia USA

October 3, 2014

RFQ: I am looking for a white replacement handle for a 1965 Royale Pram and also the end cap for the handle.

ingrid chopping
- cedar grove, North Carolina

Ed. note: Please keep trying Ebay and Craigslist folks. This site focuses on the metal finishing aspects of things, not where to find obscure antique components. Sorry, but we haven't been very successful at this kind of sourcing :-(

Restoration of Baby Doll Carriage

December 1, 2014

Q. I would like to restore my old baby doll carriage, early to mid 60's, for my granddaughter. It is metal with a fabric hood. It may be a Biltrite, but there is nothing stamped on the carriage itself. I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to how to go about it ...

RFQ: ... or if you know of anyone in the Fairfield/New Haven Counties areas in Connecticut, who do restorations.


Thank you!!

michelle armstrong
- trumbull Connecticut usa
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

Canvas baby buggy

January 7, 2015

Q. I have an old brown canvas baby buggy. It is unique in the fact that it completely collapses; and can be made to swing or stay stationary. I simply would like to know if it can be successfully spray painted. If so what type of paint would be suggested.

canvas baby carriage canvas baby buggy

Can it successfully be done; and what do I do - Prep, Kind of paint, etc. I am looking at a color of navy blue, I think. Thank you.

Cynthia Rassulo
Hobbyist - Greensboro, North Carolina

January 12, 2015

A. Hi Cynthia. I doubt that paint would be satisfactory, but there are "brush on" canvas dyes that I suspect would be good. I see a few brands on Amazon, and there may be others. Best of luck. Sorry for the delay in posting.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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