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Mixing galvanized and iron pipe for natural gas lines


I was told many years ago that if galvanized and iron pipe were mixed in a natural gas pipe line galvanic reaction would eventually cause leaks. Yet a plumber friend claims the mix is ok.

Jim Feig jr.
Home Inspector - Mansfeild, New Jersey


Check your local ordinances. Galvanized is usually forbidden for nat gas lines.

jeffrey holmes Jeffrey Holmes, CEF
- Spartanburg, South Carolina


The reason you do not want to use galvanized pipe in gas due to it being galvanized, and not pulled like malleable iron is. Over time pieces of the galvanized steel will flake off and clog up all of your gas regulators and burner units, to my knowledge there is no reaction between the metals and it is legal to use them together in under IAPMO code

P.S.if you want to cut cost use galvanized fittings less interior surface to corrode off

Plumber - Everett, Washington, USA


For the past seven years we have had a pool heater that runs on natural gas. It stopped working this year due to serious over heating problems that melted some of the ciruit board and electrical components. So now we are replacing it with another unit. The fittings that hooked up the flexible gas pipe to the old pool heater were a combination
of regular iron pipe and galvanized pipe. Our pool heater installation crew said this would cause problems with our new heater. Our plumber said there is no problem using the galvanized fitting, either alone or in combination with the iron fitting. Who is right?

JK Prillaman
hobbyist / pool owner - Champaign, Illinois USA

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