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Electrolytic polishing solution for cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys


Dear sir,

how can I prepare electrolytic polishing solution for cobalt(35-60%)-chromium(23-30%)&Molybdenum(0-7%)dental alloys. I would be thankful to receive any and all information about it an ambient bath,such as:composition & concentration of solution,voltage,duration,current amperage,temperature,....

sincerely yours

hassan kazemi
oil co. - TEHRAN-IRAN


Hi Hassan ,

I suggest that you contact Team Metal Finishing in Georgia USA , they have just the Process you are looking for . Direct your enquiry to Mr Dan Weaver .


John Tenison - Woods
- Victoria Australia


I am currently conducting research about plasma nitriding of forged CoCrMo alloy. I have to etch the treated specimens in order to observe the microstructure of the alloy without harming the diffusion layer. I have tried;
1. 97% H2O2 + %3 HCl,
2. 50% H2O2 + 50% HCl,
3. 75% HCl + 25% Nitric Acid
4. Pure HCl
and I have tried heating the specimen (60-80 deg. cel.), heating the etchant (60-80 deg. cel.)so far but none of these etchants worked out for me. Electropolishing is not an option since I don't have the required system nor time. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Ozgu Bayrak
- Erzurum, TURKEY

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