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What steel(s) are RoHS compliant?


What is the criteria for certifying that a type of steel is RoHS compliant or not? I am talking about pre-finished or un-treated raw steel. Should we only certify a type of raw steel (flat sheet/bar stock/rod,etc...) if our supplier provides a letter of certification/compliance or can we go by the AISI/SAE spec that discribes it's chemical composition?
We have many, many suppliers for the same types of steel and are finding it very difficult to get letters from all of them for each type of steel we purchase. I would like to go with the AISI/SAE spec we call out when purchasing the raw steel. Anyone else going through this now?

Douglas A. Kovacs
Diebold, Inc. - North Canton, Ohio


We are a 100% EOU.Our Major exports are to Europe and UK. We are in the process of coverting all our products to RoHS Complaint. In this connection I would like to learn whether the packing materials such as corrugated boxes, wooden pallets are covered under this RoHS directive. Also in the sheet metal items and fastners, the RoHS is applicable to the surface finish or the raw materials.

T A Venkatsubramanian
International Components India Limited - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Packaging and other parts that are discarded ( not part of the product), aren't covered by RoHS, are coded NA.

Russ Raby
- Ma

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