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What is Kesternich test? What lab can run Kesternich Test?



RFQ: I'm looking for a source for Kesternich testing per DIN 50018 [link is to spec at TechStreet]. Does anybody have a reliable lab they can refer me to?

Christa Shirey
- Sylvania, Ohio


A. Hey Christa,

Kesternich: German scientist who developed the Kesternich Cabinet and test method used for acid rain simulation (DIN 50018 [link is to spec at TechStreet]).

U.S. INTEC, Inc. tests their Roofing and Building Fasteners using the Kesternich test. Talk to the tech people at U.S. INTEC, Inc. Port Arthur, Texas.

Hope this helps,

Fred Mueller, CEF
- Royersford, Pennsylvania


A. Christa Shirley, for Kesternich testing contact SGS U.S.Testing Co., Fairfield, NJ

John D. Dooley
fasteners - Long Beach, California


Assured Testing Services provides NADCAP and A2LA accredited plating and coating testing for corrosion, adhesion and thickness. Tests include salt spray, humidity, cyclic corrosion, adhesion, Taber, Kesternich ... and others.

Assured Testing brochure


Q. I am working in corrosion testing of Mullite coatings. I wanted to know what is Kesternich test and who can do some testing of my sample.

Soobhankar Pati
Boston University - Boston, Massachusetts


A. Hello Soobhankar.
Kesternich testing is a common name for sulfur dioxide testing. There are several test methods available. DIN 50018 [link is to spec at TechStreet], ISO 3231 [link is to spec at TechStreet], and ASTM G87 [link is to spec at TechStreet] are some of the more common methods.

Christa Lammers
-Sylvania, Ohio, USA
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