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How do I Start a Small Galvanizing Shop?

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I am in the construction industry and have discovered a need for a galvanizer in the local area. Possible starting my own business has been an option in my mind for a couple of years. Is there a how to book on starting a galvanizing business or some type of process guide with all required equipment, regulations, recommended space needed, etc.? Would the use of a consultant be recommended?

I have never owned my own business and am curious as to what it takes to make a business of galvanizing metals. Is approaching local steel shops regarding a partnership of sorts an option for starting a galvanizing process in their shop? Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Ben P deleted
Construction Management - Boise, ID, USA

Ed. note: Short of hiring a galvanizing consultant, a first step could be to visit the American Galvanizers Association at to get a general feel for how the industry is structured, Ben. Good luck.

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