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Are brass valves suitable for DI Water?


Hello we are installing a system with DI spray and adds we have used pvc supply line and electric brass valves for automation will the Di water effect these brass valves.

Thank You

Ed Prellwitz
- West Plains, Missouri

First of two simultaneous responses -- +++++

Very high grade DI water will errode brass faster than most people will believe. Low quality DI will give a slow gradual attack on the brass.
It will definitely reduce the quality of the water. If you pay good money for DI, why add copper and zinc ions back into the water? Teflon valves cost several times what brass one do, but are as good as you can get.
Some pvc sprinkler system solonoid valves have no metal contact with the water and would work great at a very affordable price.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

Second of two simultaneous responses -- +++++

Only if you don't mind replacing them every 4-6 months or so! :)

DI water will leach the zinc out of the brass, and eventually cause you problems. You'll notice that there is also a whitish smut that will appear on parts.

Tom Baker
      wastewater treatment specialist
Warminster, Pennsylvania

Ed. note: We have lost contact
with Tom. If anyone has contact
info, please advise.

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