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Anodize-RoHS compliant?


As you all know, the world is trying to become RoHS compliant.
Is there any documentation verifying that anodize (hard, dyed, or otherwise) is, or is not, RoHS compliant?

Jon Perdue
Telecommunications - San Jose, California


I don't know about any literature, but you could just look at the chemicals used to do anodizing and extrapolate from there. There would be no cadmium involved, and the only place chrome would come from is a sodium dichromate seal or hex-chrome dyes - so nix both of those and your okay. I haven't read the RoHS in a while, but I think that it also addresses Lead & Mercury: mercury isn't used at all, and while lead is sometimes used in the tank lining and cooling lines and cathode, I don't believe that it shows up in the final coating.

Jim Gorsich
Accurate Anodizing Inc.

Compton, California, USA

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