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Low Friction \ High Wear coating for steel


What material or process would we use to get a surface with a low coefficient of friction and high wea?. Looking at using UHMW-PE or Nylatron NSM sheet, 1/2" thk. Would rather a coated steel surface that could give me the same results.

Earl Lipscomb
Van Dorn Demag - Strongsville, Ohio


It all depends on your definition of high wear. I am a great fan of UHMW, which has better wear properties than most teflons, cost less and does not suffer from cold creep, BUT, it would not fit in my definition of high wear.

For that, I would look at 0.003 -0.005" of hard chrome plate. Another option would be teflon in electroless nickel.

If you think that UHMW might work, it is certainly worth a test as you can replace a bolted on pad a lot easier and cheaper than you can get the same part dissassembled and plated, not to mention the delay encountered in having it plated.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida



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Amrity Mohamed Ibrahim
- Tripoli, Libya


You can try alumina sol coating. Very effective corrosion protection.

Mahavir Mahedu
Western Abrasive Industries P. Ltd. - Jamnagar, Gujrat, India

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