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Safety of ionization of paint booth air


I have been offered a device which supposedly improves the coverage of automotive spray paint. The device is called IONMAX out of Japan. As most spray painters are required to wear a "positive pressure air mask" when spray painting I wish to know if breathing air that has been thru this "Ionmax" ioniser is safe. Are there any dangers in breathing air after the ions have been "adjusted"? This may seem quite a vague question but I am having trouble evaluating this product & I am hoping someone out there may have some suggestions or experiences they can relate to this matter.

Kind regards

John Feehan
Automotive Spray Painting Equipment Supplier - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Hello John,

Not familiar with the name of the system, but it sounds like a conventional electrostatic paint system. Gun puts a charge on the paint, line is opposite polarity. Paint is attracted to part. Transfer efficiency is greatly improved from just spraying (more paint on part/less overspray). You probably will want your operators to keep wearing their masks as the solvent portion of the paint will still volatilize. There should not be a great difference in emissions from what you are doing now.

Hope that helps

Trent Kaufman
electroplater - Galva, Illinois

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