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Questions on Bullet Reloading and Gun Repairs



I want to what is the cheapest way to coat teflon on lead bullet, and what is the most simple way on hard chroming hard metal such as gun parts also what is black chrome , and what reference books, or magazine that you could refer I'm a guy who don't know anything about metal finishing or applying please help trying to learn to incorporate into a business please help.

Roberto Chua
bullet reloader/gun repair - Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines


Something to consider...

Even in the gun-friendly USA, Teflon coated bullets are illegal. A ban was put into effect in late 80's to ban the sale and manufacture of so called cop-killer ammunition.

Teflon bullets manufactured principally by KTW in the US were a prime target of this legislation as it was suspected they could penetrate the lightweight police body armor in use at that time.

Check your local laws before proceeding further.


Bob Claborne
- Garden Grove, California


Hello sir , another question, I reload bullets in my country, I have been trying to learn how to coat teflon or nylon or other kind of cheap coat on lead cast bullet for the purpose of limiting lead build up on the barrel of the gun once it was fired, and also to make the bullet more accurate , what I want to know is what kind of paint or other material that can be easily coat or dip on lead cast bullet that won't burn off the lead bullet once it was fired from the gun so to limit the melting of the lead bullet once it pass tru the barrel.

please help ...... a guy who don't know anything on applying coat on lead cast bullet any suggestion or reference book that can help out solve the problem.

Thank you still waiting for the right solution.

Roberto Chua
sbma shooting range philippines - Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines


Solvents for bullet shells. I was wondering if it is safe to use sweet's 7.62 solvent (which is cleaner for removing propellent fouling in rifles)to clean bullet shells? I have used it a few and it did clean them very well though it made them go a very light brass colour and left blue stains and the cloth that I used to dry them. Any help would be appreciated for I am only just starting out in the reloading area.

hobbyist - Tas, Australia

Handgun and Rifle Reloading

Gun Laws

July 3, 2008

It is not illegal to own a "teflon coated bullet" in most states. Check your local laws..

H.R- 3121
"contains no criminal penalties for dealer or private possession"

August 1986 saw passage of H.R- 3121, which while symbolically offensive, greatly narrowed the definition of proscribed bullets (earlier bills threatened to outlaw up to 85% of big game ammunition), and contained no criminal penalties for dealer or private possession, transfer or use of such bullets. An exception was made for misuse in a violent federal crime.

Fred Nada
- Mt. Airy, Arizona USA

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