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most fun in metal finishing

A dip to make aluminum shine like stainless steel


I am living in Indonesia, lately I notice so many aluminum chair for outdoor usage, chemists here saying that to make that aluminum chair but look like stainless steel is only of a matter of dipping into acid, I would like to make for own usage some chairs for my garden, I've some friends that can supply the aluminum tubular, but how to make it so shine, anybody can help me, I really appreciate your kind assistance.

Best regards,

Daniel Herman S Suhendra
dpminchem int - Jakarta, Dki, Indonesia


The chemists also say that to make coal shine like diamonds--in fact change to diamonds--is only a matter of applying heat and pressure, Daniel.

It is impractical to strip the anodization, mechanically polish the chairs, bright dip them in a highly toxic, almost boiling mixture of nitric and phosphoric acid, anodize them, dye them, and seal them. These are industrial processes; it is nothing like painting.

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Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


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