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Why does fake jewelry turn your skin colors


Why does fake silver, gold, and copper turn your skin colors?

Teresa B.
South Sumter Middle School Science Fair. - Webster, FL, U.S.A


As you know, everyone sweats (perspires, glows - call it what you will!). The sweat reacts with metals in the jewellery and forms salts that are often coloured. These salts are absorbed by the skin and make it appear to change to another colour.

Trevor Crichton
R&D practical scientist
Chesham, Bucks, UK


Answer to Question "Why Fake jewelry change your skin color?"
As a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of a Large selection of high end fashion jewelry my answer as following:
#1 If person sweats and perspires a lots, it is necessary to clean jewelry on regular basis as well as keep hands clean and DO NOT USE LOTION. Lotion is biggest nightmare for fake jewelry.
#2.Main contributor to this problem is chemical imbalance,daily acid intakes through food of the person wearing fake jewelry. Which is considered medical problem. In that case person can not wear fake jewelry.

However general public is not educated very well in this field. Much of real 18 kt gold will turn your skin color if you have medical problem.

Have you ever seen fake jewelry turn colors after wearing them few times? I bet NO

Bianca Thomas
Fantastic Fakes Ala'Mode Inc - Palm Beach, Florida


You are implying then, Bianca, that people should decide on whether a diet is a healthy one by whether their skin turns green when they wear fake jewelry?  :-)

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


I was just wondering how to get rid of the brown residue that sticks onto the lower surface of the fake jewellery in contact with the skin e.g. on the bottom surface of a fake silver ring. are there any home remedies?

Ameeta Patel
- London, England


After wearing my fake silver jewlery I noticed it begins to turn yellow and tarnish. Are there any cleaners or home remedies to bring back the shine?

Kerri Nelson
student - buffalo, new york


Hi I am a senior in high school and would like to know when jewelry turns you skin green is it doing any type of harm to your body at all. is it harmless or harmful to the body and if it is sould some one sue these companys for that, or is that the falt of our own bodies, maybe it is both but I am just wondering if it is heathy or non healthy do I need to stop wearing fake jewerly.

Teddi G.
student - Chicago, Illinois, USA

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