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How to turn Brass Faucet into black--black iron look


Q. What kind of bathroom faucet would I have to buy in order to change the refinish of it? What's the best metal finish out there that would be simple to change? I want to change the finish to a black finish (iron black, blacked bronze etc.)

All the faucet manufacturers that I have seen do not carry a wide variety of faucets in this color.

Please let me know if any of this is possible.


Bobby Tresvant
homeowner - Los Angeles, California, USA


Q. I want to change my current brass finish to something else: satin chrome or oil rubbed bronze or wrought iron. Is this possible and which is easiest?

homeowner - Clarendon Hills, Illinois, USA

A. A plating shop can put any finish you wish on the faucets; doing it yourself is something else else though. There is almost nothing that sees as tough an environment as a bathroom faucet, so it's very difficult to get paint to stick reliably.

Some brands of faucets are claimed to be solid brass, and that would be the best starting point for a blackened finish, achievable with Liver Of Sulphur [linked by editor to product info at Mister Art] or Brass Darkening Solution [linked by editor to product info at Rockler]. Good luck.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
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