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Stripping gold plating from silver jewelry


I want to know how to take plating off jewelry gold plated over silver want to remove the gold.

Thank you,

Sue Deiss
jewelry making - Liberty, Missouri


You can strip it chemically with 200 gm sulphuric acid/30 gm hydrochloric acid(conc.)/15 gm nitric acid(40 Be) solution.Immerse dry(!) objects in solution.Rinse well finished objects!

Good luck!

Goran Budija
- Zagreb, Croatia


Hi, in reference to the answer of how to get gold plating off if sterling silver jewelry, where would you find the chemicals for that process, how long must the jewelry soak in it, and if the piece has precious and or semiprecious stones in it, will the compound hurt the stones? Thank you. :)

Regina Bapties
- Port Royal, South Carolina

Ed. note: Hello Regina. Gold is one of the most chemically resistant and stable metals known. It is very difficult to dissolve. That was a response from a museum curator to presumably a professional jeweler, and should not be taken to imply that consumers should try to formulate aqua regia, the most powerful acid known, and toss their jewelry into it! Please take your jewelry to a jeweler for that kind of process. Good luck.

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