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most fun in metal finishing

Looking for training in aluminum anodizing


I would like to know who to contact for training in anodizing ?

Burt Mdeleted
paintball - Fremont Nebraska


Hello, Burt. The American Electroplating and Surface Finishing Society ( and the site's supporting advertiser Kushner Electroplating School are two sources of regularly scheduled training courses. In addition, some of the consultants who make this site possible can conduct a course for you.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


Clariant, (chemical supplier) has an excellent hands on course for anodizing.I think you need to be a user of their chemicals to attend. It would be worth a call, as I have seen the textbook and a lead anodizer at one of the shops I worked for attended. It really helped him.

Ward Barcafer, CEF
aerospace - Wichita, Kansas


I have to admit, I just signed up for Dr. Kushner's program (all 1200 pages, 20 courses). I have yet to receive the materials from them but I already have this good feeling in my stomach. From what I've read at their website and talking to one of his persons from the company (possibly family member, very polite and nice lady). They give you a feeling that you ARE important to them, that your knowledge of this material is their goal.

Of course all colleges and course study programs tell you that, how many make you feel that way though?

It (the course) probably will be worth 10X's (what I paid) already in my opinion. If you consider it like I did, that the average college book will cost you 50+ dollars (dependent on region probably, but avg. around here). 50 X 20 = 1000.00. That's for basic, generalized information readily available anywhere, try and find this much information in 20 volumes on metal finishing and you're looking at a lot of money. I also purchased Vol 1/2 of The Surface Treatment and Finishing of Aluminum and Its Alloys by S. Wernick, R. Pinner, P.G. Sheasby (these too are worth the money if your company is, or is interested in anodizing, a complete and total source of information, hands down perfect).

Matthew Stiltner
plating company - Toledo, Ohio

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