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most fun in metal finishing

Black anodized finish


Dear People:

I am interested in anodizing the aluminium body of a gun, I am looking for a black finish, what process of anodizing would you recommend? How does the aluminium gets the black color?


Pol Marine
Marine - Mexico


Sulphuric acid anodizing is the 'conventional' anodizing used. After anodizing and before sealing the item is dipped in black dye.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


There is also an electrolytic method to dye anodized parts, where the part is first anodized in a conventional sulphuric acid electrolyte, and then anodized in a bath containing a metal salt like tin. the longer the anodizing time in the second anodizing bath, the darker the color. this process should stand up better to the heat generated when the gun is fired. however, be sure to mask the inside of the weapon, as any anodizing process will change the dimensions of the part.

Gerald Janssen
- Chicago, Illinois, USA


Pol, Go with HARD BLACK ANODIZING. It will give you a durable, scratch resistant coating able to withstand heat. Ray

ray delorey
industrial processing - cambridge, ontario, canada

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