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Stripping Gold Plating


What is the simplist method of stripping and recovering Gold Plated on small copper connectors? I would like to treat about 5 Kilos at a time. Please help.

Merv Robertson
Clearwater Concepts - Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia


You can buy gold stripper from suppliers ( it would be best to use proprietary chemicalssince they have the technical info on the stripping parameters). when you have already removed the gold from the substrate by immersing in the gold stripper,you can recover the metal by electrolyzing again and have it purified. or you can directly look for companies who can recover the gold from the stripper solution.

You can also strip the gold plating using 10% aqueous solution of NaCN, 100 g/L, to which has been added 20ml/L of 130 vol H2O2.

Leany N. Moreno
- Lapu Lapu City, Cebu Philippines

August 21, 2008

Stripping of gold from carbon and electrowinning. A plant metallurgist in Ghana.

Kwaku Owusu
Metallurgist - Ghana

May 4, 2009

Hi People...
I'm new in the solvent extraction tecniques,and I need some help,please.
I have read somewere that gold hydroxide can be extracted with ethanol.I have some insoluble alkaline salt of gold,about 99% of purity,precipitated from an AR solution using sodium hydroxide.It is still in the solution containing some NaCl and some excess of NaOH,probably.Can you explain how I can go on?
I remeber that the article mentioned ti use diluited acetic acid to move the pH and the add the ethanol.Can you explain the process in detail?
I thank you in advance.


Antonio Brambilla
Student hobbyst - Milan,Italy

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