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Formulation of nickel and silver brightener



I am happy to write to you, it's a great site and all of you too!

I ask you to help me please

I want to know what is the chemical formula or chemical components of silver brightener and nickel brightener?

Please help me I need your help



Mahmoud Taher
student - Beala, Egypt


Hello, cousin Mahmoud. An aside first--

If you look at the whole commercial history of electroplating, probably the single most dominant economic factor that allowed it all to happen was the development of competitive proprietary nickel brightener systems. So, when you ask for the chemical formula and the components, there were and are many variations and there are important trade secrets involved. So you won't learn the formulation of modern proprietary nickel brighteners. But you can get a truly excellent introduction to generic nickel brightener systems, how they are formulated, and how they work from the Metals Handbook, Vol. 5, "Surface Engineering". Good luck.

I'll have to let someone else advise you about silver brighteners.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


Dear Mahmoud Taher

You ask about chemical formula or chemical components of silver brightener and nickel brightener and you will not receive any answer because the chemical formula for any brightener is top secret know-how for the chemical companies.


Aly Gomaa
- Cairo, Egypt


Greetings From Lima Perú. The most used brightener of Silver plating, and very old, is carbon sulfur CS2, and is prepared in a dark glass bottle, adding to 1L of deionized water, 15mL - 20mL of carbon sulfur and 15g of potassium cyanide KCN. Mix it strongly and hide it from light by 3 days, the top clear solution is used, adding 0.1mL/L - 0.5mL/L

Joe Robles, Chemist.

Joe Hans Robles Martínez
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