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Surface finish conversion metric to English standard


I am a sales engineer for my company and am quoting a brass part for a customer. The part is in metric dimensions. On an internal bore there is a requirement to maintain a surface finish of N5.

I have checked the Machinery's Handbook and could not find the information I need.

I need an RMS surface finish equivalent for N5.


Bob Gardner
precision machining - Baltimore, Maryland

Maybe this will be helpful: I hope you find this as useful as I did.

Nicola Wilcox
technical apprentice with a lock manufacturer. - Birmingham, England

October 16, 2009

These "N" codes represent the new ISO standards

N5 refers to the following:
Rt - 2.0
Ra - 0.4
CLA -16
RMS - 17.6

Ron Kunes
- Kings Mountain, North Carolina

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