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Contractor needs to remove Tar and Driveway sealer from concrete


I recently got tar(driveway sealer) on Belgian blocks and concrete. What should I use and how should it be cleaned .

Thanks what a great site.

Carl Costantini
contractor - Flemington, New Jersey


Have never tried it, but how about a hot water pressure sprayer or steam cleaning? Probably want to mechanically remove as much as you can first, so you don't drive the tar into any porous surface. Paint thinner is a moderately decent solvent for tar, but you will have to be ready with the pressure washer/steam cleaner before it soaks into the surface, carrying the tar with it. If you use paint thinner, or another solvent, be careful where the runoff goes.

Tom Gallant
- Long Beach, California


How would you remove tar on concrete that is throughout the interior of a house?

Lenora Everett
- Savannah, Georgia

February 17, 2008

to remove tar from concrete, pour mineral turpentine(Australia) on the affected areas, let the tar dissolve and remove with a high pressure water cleaner.Tough residue, in addition, will require a wire scrubbing brush.It comes up new. Cheers Rowan.

rowan macaulay
house washing - samford queensland Australia

March 1, 2009

I have severe efflorescence under 2 coats of sealer. How do I remove the sealer and then remove the efflorescence ?

Dennis Ketcham
contractor - The Villages, Florida

July 24, 2009

How do I remove driveway sealer from garage doors?

Gail Dniprenko
none - Canada

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