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Chrome Bumper Stripping


I have a 30 year old car and just want an economical way to strip the old chrome off my bumper so I can paint them.

Robert Rhea
hobbyist - Vicksburg, Michigan


There is nothing that someone without the proper equipment can do to strip chrome. Chrome is typically stripped in a highly alkaline bath with reverse current or with Hydrochloric Acid. Take it to a custom plating shop and let them handle it. If you try it yourself you'll have a mess at best and environmental liability at worst on your hands.

Daryl Spindler
decorative nickel chrome - Portland, Tennessee


If your goal is to paint the bumper you may be able to just bring it in to a Bead Blasteramazoninfo to get a clean finish which you can get adhesion to. If the plating is peeling or pitted you may have to have the bumper ground and polished. Removal of the plating is not always necessary.

Gene Packman
process supplier - Great Neck, New York

appended -- appended to this existing thread by editor

I would like to know the chemical procedure of how to remove chrome from a bumper or wheel with muriatic acidamazoninfo, or any other chemical. I am starting a chrome business and we have people from time to time who need chrome plating removed so we can chrome with our system.

Richard Herrington
new to the plating business - Lufkin, Texas


I have a chrome brush guard for the front of my truck that I would like to paint semi-gloss black. How much of the plating must I remove to allow primer and paint to adhere?
The engineering shop at my place of work does "hard chrome" work but tell me that their strip tank will not take off decorative nickel/Chrome. Can I bead blast the finish enough to take paint?

Allen Bennett
hobbyist - Columbus, Mississippi

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